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Will the Kijang Innova be made by Toyota?

Cars – Actually, the Kijang Innova has a look that is still okay. But there are those who feel that it’s time to get this MPV car refreshed. Then does Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) want to make it easier? Kijang Innova will be seen by Toyota.

Will the Innova Kijang be made by Toyota?

Launch kompas.com (11/18/2019), the last Innova got a facelift in 2015. It’s time to be refreshed. Although until now TAM has not been able to confirm this.

Meanwhile, Toyota India had already prepared an update for the Innova. As well as the latest diesel engines that comply with emission standards that apply there. Then what about in Indonesia?

TAM admitted that they still continue to conduct research and surveys from consumers and markets. If there is a demand for the latest model, it can be done. Especially from Kijang Innova.

But who knows what changes for Innova will be. Especially for the choice of diesel engines, given there will be Euro 4 emission rules for this engine. So it is necessary to replace a new standard engine.

Although TAM hasn’t confirmed whether the new Kijang Innova will be available next year, at least this small detail can be a clue. Maybe its appearance can be similar to Rush or Avanza or vice versa, it all depends on the survey.

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