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Driving Technique: Understanding Racing Line

Back to the driving technique segment, this time we will discuss racing lines. As the name implies, racing line is an imaginary line that is used when racing, especially when the car turns or cornering. ” Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers .” – Colin McRae Actually this …

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Why is Driving a Car at Night So Fun?

For some people, driving a car at night is a very fun activity. There is something magical, a deep feeling when driving a car at night. Of course the night we mean is not a night that is still full of vehicles. Tonight here is the early morning time or rather at 12 …

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How to safely drive when flooded

Driving during a flood is both annoying and terrible. Have you tasted it? Imagine our beloved car was forced to swim into a road that was like a swimming pool. It must be dug dig,  worried and irritated. After successfully coming out of a pool of water, the heart will be empty and relieved. But after …

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5 of the World’s Best Legendary Car Racing Circuits

Speaking of car racing, certainly can not be separated from the name of the circuit. It’s on the circuit where the history of racing is created. Various stories about fierce competition, the struggles of racing athletes, an overflow of excitement, disappointment, even death. The circuit is a silent witness of the motorsport …

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10 Tips on Precise Driving Comfortable and More Enjoyable

Not everyone can drive comfortably and comfortably. This is mainly due to road conditions that are often congested with vehicles. Yes, traffic jams are often the main cause of people being lazy to use cars. Moreover, not everyone likes driving. I can understand people who say driving is boring, boring, annoying. Not infrequently, …

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The Most Kind of Music Is Heard in the Car

What kind of music is easy to hear in the car? Most likely the answer depends on your taste. Indeed music, which in fact is an art, is of course very dependent on the taste of the listener. But that’s not all, music is also influenced by other factors such as mood, …

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