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Let’s take a look at this COVID-19 Car Guide and Tips!

COVID health tips may be quite a lot, what about COVID-19 car tips? In this review we will discuss guidelines and tips about cars during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we know, along with the appeal and public awareness to stay home now. Of course, fewer and fewer cars are on the streets, and …

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What do you dislike when driving?

Driving a favorite car for enthusiasts is a fun activity. Especially when the car was washed sleek. Bye handsome pokonya. Before you go crazy, look at it first. Stared while nodding his own smiles. Already like that, the cellphone keeps taking photos for a moment. Get in the car, check the keys and see the full …

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Lamborghini Morohoshi: From Zero To Underground Hero

The name Morohoshi might not be said to be legendary at this time. Compared to other gangs or car figures in Japan, the Morohoshi or Morohoshi Family are arguably rather youthful. Even so, his popularity has soared especially after being picked up through Youtube videos by Luke Huxham and Maiham Media. The …

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