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KTM does not renew Cody Webb contract for the 2020 season

The very surprising news came from the orange racing team from the United States, FMF KTM Factory Racing. Yeah, this team doesn’t extend the contract of one of its flagship racers who has given many championships, namely Cody Webb. Automatically King Cody will no longer wear orange starting from 2020. What is the reason for KTM not extending Cody Webb’s contract?

Cody Webb himself joined KTM four years ago. This racer is plotted to compete in the AMA EnduroCross, American Hard Enduro, SuperEnduro World, Championship, and a number of world-class hard enduro racing competitions. Over the past four years Cody has donated many titles such as the three-time EnduroCross champion, one SuperEnduro title in 2018, the podium at ErbergRodeo twice in 2016 and 2017, and many more titles given by Cody both at the local level of the United States and world level.

“I thank the FMF KTM Factory Racing Team for the past four years. 
We achieved more than what I had previously imagined and helped increase the prestige of hard enduro here in the United States. 
With their expertise, I can reach my target and I am very grateful for the opportunity, “said Cody Webb.

After deciding to separate from KTM, there was still not enough clear information as to where Cody would be anchored. What is certain is that he will not stop racing anytime soon. Cody will still compete in national level competitions in the United States and world level. Hopefully later we can get a team that is not less okay than KTM yes Cody!

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