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Lettenbichler is one step away from winning the Ultimate Enduro Champion title

World Enduro Super Series (WESS) which is a multi-disciplinary enduro racing competition consisting of hard / extreme enduro, classic enduro, and cross-country racing series has completed seven series of a total of eight series competed throughout the 2019 season. This year the competition was initiated by KTM consisting of Extreme XL Lagares – Portugal (hard enduro), Trefle Lozerien AMV – France (classic enduro), ErzbergRodeo – Austria (hard enduro), Hixpania – Spain (hard enduro), Romaniacs – Romania (hard enduro), Hawkstone Park Cross-Country – England (cross-country), BR2 Enduro Solsona – Spain (classic enduro), and GetzenRodeo – Germany (hard enduro).The drivers who managed to collect the most points during the competition can get the WESS title called The Ultimate Enduro Champion or arguably the most great enduro racer in the world because this competition consists of a number of enduro racing disciplines.

Now, WESS 2019 has just left one more series that has hard enduro genre, GetzenRodeo in Germany. The leader of the WESS 2019 standings after competing in the seventh series is Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM Supported), who is practically only a privateer team racer but also has the support of KTM. Manni now has 5,110 points, followed by second-placed racer Johnny Walker (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) 4,240 points, and Josep Garcia (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) third with 4,165 points. Only three of these drivers still have the chance to win the Ultimate Enduro Champion title, even though mathematically Manuel Lettenbichler has put one foot on the threshold of the WESS 2019 title. How come?

Let us count it … By collecting 5,110 points, then Manni is 870 points ahead of Johnny Walker and leading 945 points from Josep Garcia. Even though the maximum points that can be obtained by a racer if you win in a WESS series is 1,000 points. On the other hand the WESS competition only leaves one more series. So you can imagine how hard the chances of Johnny Walker or Josep Garcia to be champions. To win, the two Red Bull KTM Factory Racing riders not only have to win at GetzenRodeo, but also hope Manni fails to finish there! Whether it’s because of crashes, technical problems, or other causes.

Unfortunately hoping Manni failed to finish at GetzenRodeo is also not a wise choice. Why? First because Manni is a German. Playing in his own hometown, in front of his friends and family certainly provides extraordinary additional motivation. Second, GetzenRodeo is classified as a hard enduro competition which is a specialist for Manni. Third, Manni was one of the kings of GetzenRodeo where he won there in 2018 ago. Actually to be the WESS 2019 champion, Manni doesn’t need to win in the final series GetzenRodeo. But it seems not impossible that he sealed the title of The Ultimate Enduro Champion 2019 at the same time by getting the 2019 GetzenRodeo title!

WESS 2019 Temporary Standings After BR2 Enduro Solsona :

  1. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM Supported) – 5,110 points
  2. Johnny Walker (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) – 4,240 points
  3. Josep Garcia (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) – 4,165 points
  4. Alfredo Gomez (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) – 4,034 points
  5. Graham Jarvis (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) – 3,920 points

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