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5 Wasted World Titles Valentino Rossi may regret!

Valentino Rossi realizes that Marc Marquez will soon equal his 9th MotoGP world title. The Doctor also admitted having regrets, or rather two titles wasted .. Rossi’s statement after racing Buriram became the attention of racing connoisseurs. On the day of the coronation of Marc Marquez’s eighth title, Valentino Rossi seems to have accepted the fact that the Spaniard is now getting closer to the number of his world titles. Here are 5 wasted world titles that Valentino Rossi might regret!

5 Wasted World Titles Valentino Rossi may regret!

What did Rossi say that day? … Following are his words: “I think it will not be difficult (Marc) to achieve my 9th degree. I’m sorry because in my career, I threw out 2 titles and one that made me lose that title. It won’t be easy to achieve it, but for the 9th world title Marc will be able to equal my record. “Rossi said …


The first title referenced by Vale is undoubtedly the 2006 title, after a head-to-head match with Hayden throughout the season, he lost the title in the final race at Valencia. Just entering the fifth lap, from a total of 30 laps, Rossi fell … Indeed he could continue the race but because in 13th position, then the points are not enough to win a world title that should have been in plain sight … If it does not fall ..


Another big regret is that when it was almost reached the world title in 2010. In that season the rivals to be beaten were teammates Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa at Honda. Rossi, however, at Mugello got seriously injured after falling during FP2. Injury to the tibia and fibula which forced him to be absent in three races (the first in his career). He returned in a short time but it was not strong enough. During the recovery period, he also thought of his resignation and moved to F1 after being close to Ferrari.

Another Lost Title … (Third)

The next contract renewal with the 2011 Ducati … Also one of the steepest years for Valentino. The best position is ranked 4. Time of 2 seasons can be said to waste the opportunity to win another world title.


Maybe Valentino is also thinking about taking 4 series breaks in 2016, where even though he doesn’t race in America, Italy, the Netherlands and Japan he can still be runner-up. As a result of being absent in 4 points difference the time points were 49 points.


In 2015 Rossi was only 5 points behind world champion Jorge Lorenzo. A world championship that “made him lose”. This reference clearly refers to ‘Sepang Clash 2015’ where on the track he reacted to Marquez’s provocation. Malaysian MotoGP 2015 is the culmination of a fierce feud between Rossi and Marquez. Before finally ‘exploding’ on the track. The beginning of a mental war had arisen when Rossi called there a conspiracy between Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo to help us win the world title among Spanish riders.

What is clear is that the victory he almost achieved was in 2006 which fell to Hayden and was seriously injured in Italy in 2010. The other three are a “Race Story” …

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