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Beta Introduces Xtrainer Model Year 2020, Graphic Dominated in Blue

After launching enduro motorcycles with specs for the standard Beta RR competition and Beta RR Racing model year 2020, Beta Motorcycles has again announced the launch of a new motorbike. What’s more if it’s not from the Xtrainer clan. Yups, Xtrainer is classified as one of the mainstay enduro bikes. Not because of its good specifications or violent performance, but because this motorbike is far more user friendly for enduro needs for “normal people”. It is even said that Xtrainer is said to be one of the breadbasket of Beta enduro motorcycles in the world, including Indonesia. So what’s new on the Xtrainer model year 2020?

In the previous generation, Xtrainer consisted of a choice of 250 and 300 2-stroke engine capacity. 250 cc engine is actually to meet consumer demand from developing countries like Indonesia, while consumers in Europe, North America, and Australia prefer 300 cc. But on the Xtrainer model year 2020, there are only 300 2-stroke engine options available. There is no news yet whether Beta will release a 250 cc or not. Easy and easy there will also be a 250 cc engine option with more tame power huh!

The most striking change in the Xtrainer model year 2020 is certainly located in the bodywork and color graphics. The bodywork design has changed significantly compared to the old Xtrainer. Then the color graphics that were once dominated by red and white are now dominated by blue and red. According to information from Beta, they are quite focused on improving the performance of the latest Xtrainer machines. However, this increased performance does not change the character of Xtrainer which is easy to drive. This motor is equipped with a new countershaft that can reduce engine vibration, increase inertia, and increase power delivery in all rpm ranges and in all gears. In addition, Xtrainer gets a new crankshaft and new clutch lining. Oh, yes, the oil injection system is still installed nicely on the Xtrainer so that the riders don’t have to bother doing premixes or mixing manually between gasoline and side oil when filling fuel. Practical … And want to know the fuel consumption of this motorbike? Beta claims to travel a distance of 100 km, the Xtrainer 300 uses only 2.98 liters of gasoline or about 33 km / liter. Really economical huh?

What about the chassis? It turned out that in addition to upgrading the engine, Beta did not forget the upgrade in the chassis sector. Many parts get a touch, ranging from modifying the swing arm to be longer so that the motor is more stable and get good traction, fork and shock upgrades, longer chain guide to adjust the new swing arm, and there is an engine mapping selector. The point is that the upgrade package provided in the engine, chassis and body sectors makes the Xtrainer model year 2020 a better motorbike.

One thing that is unique is that although Xtrainer is positioned as an enduro motorbike whose cast is under the RR series, it turns out that not a few riders have driven this bike at famous extreme enduro events like Red Bull Romaniacs. Beta himself said that Xtrainer was classified as a suitable motorbike for anyone who wanted to jump into the extreme enduro world. The reasons are many, ranging from soft power delivery so the motor is easy to drive, low seat height is only 910 mm (Beta RR series 930 mm), and a very light weight of only 98 kg. Not to mention the price of the Xtrainer is also far more friendly compared to the RR series.

Is the Xtrainer model year 2020 going to enter Indonesia? You should. The problem is that there is an official distributor / importer here, the Extreme Enduro Shop (Beta Motor Indonesia). Regarding the timeline, when there is still no official statement. Most likely the beginning of the year 2020 will coincide with the RR series model year 2020. If in Europe and the United States itself the latest Xtrainer is available in the showroom starting October 2019 too!

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