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Chris Birch Join Jarvis and Wade Young Join Roof of Africa 2019

Former hard enduro star from New Zealand, Chris Birch, will almost certainly be joined by Graham Jarvis (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) and Wade Young (Sherco Factory Racing) to take part in the 2019 Roof of Africa Hard Enduro race in December. As information for friends, Birch is a three-time winner of Roof of Africa in the past. This winning figure is the same as that achieved by Graham Jarvis and also Wade Young.

At the 2019 Roof of Africa event in Lesotho – South Africa later Birch certainly did not pursue victory. Differences with Graham Jarvis or Wade Young. Why? Because Birch has long retired from the official racing event, especially on an international scale. In his daily life Birch is not far from the motorbike. He is now officially a KTM Adventure brand ambassador in the context of promoting large motorcycles such as the KTM 790 Adventure series, the KTM 1050 Adventure series, and the KTM 1290 Super Adventure series. Indeed he was monitored several times following hard enduro events. But the aim is not to pursue victory, but only for adventure, including the upcoming Roof of Africa 2019, he just wants to have fun while remembering his past glory.

“Very happy to be back in Lesotho for Mother of Hard Enduro. 
Roof of Africa is certainly something special, an adventure that goes beyond racing. 
I haven’t been in an international hard enduro race for a long time until now, so there aren’t many opportunities to be the best and it’s not my goal to come there. 
I came there for adventure, “said Birch.

According to the plan, this year’s Roof of Africa will be held on 4-7 December 2019. Because this is an event known as Mother of Hard Enduro, it is not surprising that a number of international racers will go down in this championship. Call it Graham Jarvis, Alfredo Gomez, Wade Young, Mario Roman, Travis Teasdale, and maybe other big names will come to South Africa.

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