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Honda Adds New Color to CRF150L

Only a few months after it was launched, Astra Honda Motor (AHM) launched an update for the CRF150L. This update for motocross is only limited to minor change. One of them is the existence of new colors. Honda adds a new color for the CRF150L.

Reporting from Kompas.com (10/30/2019), the color is an Extreme Gray color. As the name implies, the CRF150L display is painted in gray. With this, the motorbike now has three color variants.

Although predominantly gray, the shroud has a green-gray-white pattern with a square pattern. So it looks like a camouflage motif on army clothes.

Black and red upholstery colors are also provided. Uniquely, the color of the seats follow the CRF logo accent on the shroud.

But because of minor changes, so it’s only limited to changes in design and color. The rest is still the same as the old model. Including the engine.

Even so, this new color choice can be an alternative for consumers. Other colors provided on the CRF150L are Extreme Red and Extreme Black.

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