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Honda CBR250RR Facelift Will Be Released October 23, 2019

Motorcycles – Ahead of the automotive exhibition, the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, which will be held on October 23, 2019, will reportedly release a facelift from the Honda CBR250RR. Honda CBR250RR facelift will be released October 23, 2019.

Reporting from Greatbiker.com, rumors have circulated that say if at the TMS exhibition Honda will show off a number of new products. One of them is the Honda CBR250RR facelift. 

This is very likely to happen, considering some time ago, Honda has patented the latest Honda CBR250RR design. The latest Honda CBR250RR will be equipped with a number of changes, such as a smart-key system and turn signal made together with the mirrors.

In the latest Honda CBR250RR slipper-clutch will also be installed which serves to maximize performance and improve gear shift response.

It is likely that Honda will also reset the engine, electronic system and catalytic converter in the muffler to meet Euro-5 standards without having to reduce its performance.

The engine is probably the same as before. namely 2-cylinder-inline 249,7cc, DOHC. Where the engine is capable of spraying power of 38.7 ps and 23.3 Nm of torque.

Sector legs are predicted not to change. Currently, the Honda CBR250RR is equipped with an upside-down suspension and 110 / 70-17 tires in front. While the rear sector is supported by an adjustable Pro-Link monoshock, aluminum swingarm, and 140 / 70-17 tires.

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