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Honda Will Release Classic Off-Road Duck at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Honda lately indeed often launches unique products. After releasing the C125 Super Cub with a very classic design some time that lights, now reportedly Honda will launch another unique motorbike namely CT125. Unlike the C125 which has a street oriented aura, CT125 actually has a thick off-road impression. Most likely CT125 will be launched by Honda during the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Looks like CT125 is suitable for a collection of friends who crave a motorcycle with a distinctive off-road motorcycle accent!

The off-road duck concept is actually not new for Honda. In the past the flapping wing manufacturer had a C-90. But on this CT125, of course, the motor has a new and more modern engine. Larger engine capacity (125 cc) and of course already using the typical Honda PGM-FI injection combustion system. The engine is pretty much identical to the C125 Super Cub which has been marketed in Indonesia at a price of Rp. 55 million. The impression of off-road on CT125 can be seen in the tires that have used rough construction, high-rise exhaust like a real trail bike, telescopic front suspension which is given a protective rubber, and high handlebar. The fun of this tiny motor is given a finishing in the form of front-back disc brakes, a very dominant color in red, and the decal with the writing CT125 on the side with a strong retro element. Really cool!

Is CT125 going to be sold in Indonesia? So far, there is no significant information yet. At least we have to wait until the product is released first at the Tokyo Motor Show. One thing you should know, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is not allergic to Honda’s eccentric products in the global market to be brought to the country. Call it the C125 Super Cub and Monkey 125 which have been brought here. Though both of them are very segmented motorcycles, have high prices, and certainly difficult to sell in large quantities. Again, if CT125 enters Indonesia, the price will definitely not be cheap. Even if you buy it it’s a shame to play off-road. At most more for display or just relaxing weekend riding.

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