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In addition to 12 tires, Honda Scoopy in Thailand still gives a choice of 14-inch tires

Honda Thailand (AP Honda Thailand) is back giving the Honda Scoopy Facelift Update. But what is unique is that in addition to still presenting a 12-inch tire version, Honda Thailand still accommodates Demand from the Scoopy market who want Ring 14 ala Thai-look there. But the AP Honda provides a unique way of distinguishing the types of rims. If the Ring 12 version still uses CW wheels, for Ring 14 it still uses the fingers ( spoke ) vel .

AP Honda Thailand in general released 3 types of Scoopy-I with specifications similar to Scoopy in Indonesia namely this 110cc air-cooled esp engine:

  • Scoopy-i 12 club
  • Scoopy-i Prestige
  • Scoopy-i Urban Team.

Scoppy-i 12 clubs in Thaoland are priced at 24.4 million Rupiah. In general, it is not much different when compared to Honda Scoopy which is produced by AHM, with 12 inch wide and tubeless alloy wheels. Brown seat with four color choices. This means that the color choices are still outnumbered when compared with AHM production (7 color choices)

For Scoopy-i 14-inch alloy wheels divided into two types with different types and styles of graphics and colors at a price of 22.7 million Rupiah. For Variant Scoppy-i 14 Type Urban team comes in two colors blue and pink.

As for the Honda Scoopy-i Type Prestige, it has two choices of red hubcaps, black and white. . waahhhh, this version of the fingers could be cheape

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