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Kawasaki buys Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota, to storm Ducati and Aprilia in Europe?

Rumors from Italy say that Kawasaki Heavy Industries has bought the Bimota motorcycle brand and its intellectual property. A shocking news where Japanese brands are able to buy up European brands. What’s behind the purchase of the Italian brand. The Kawasaki two-wheeler manufacturer that we know is playing on a motorbike with a small cubication of 150cc and also a row of jumbo-engined motorbikes equipped with turbo is no less exotic. Kawasaki buys Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota, for what?

Kawasaki Bimota Buy Motorcycle Manufacturers Italy

Launching from asphaltandrubber.com media details about the transaction have not been revealed, and a press conference on this news is expected to appear in the coming days. But what remains a big question mark and of course this is interesting for the two-wheeler observer is what motivated Kawasaki to buy Bimota?

The questions that arise are: Will Kawasaki restart Bimota production? … Even though it’s still hard to understand the reason why Kawasaki will add a motorbike product that is already crowded. Why not let the rival go extinct and reduce its competitors in motorcycles with a performance orientation and sporty model?

Ducati and Aprilia earthquake in Europe?

Judging from the location of Bimota in Europe Kawasaki will most likely strengthen its sales there. Because for the line starting from small machines with affordable prices and large motorcycles such as H2, it is difficult to compete with premium prices in Europe, especially concerning brand image competition.

Scenarios that can be read roughly are: Kawasaki Heavy Industries can withstand the existence of Bimota in an effort to have a two-pronged approach to the Western (European) market. Especially the sports class with the hope of Bimota as a stronghold in the face of European rivals such as Ducati and Aprilia with high engine and prices and limited production.

An interesting strategy is Kawasaki can save resources available at the factory. Because Bimota is likely to be able to design and make motorcycles in Italy (rather than being made at the Kawasaki factory). And look for resources from other brands.

Another possibility is that Kawasaki is interested in buying Bimota as a step to acquire the intellectual property of the Italian brand. And also as a defensive measure to prevent some other companies from re-acquiring Bimota (previously bought by Swiss investors in 2013). Some observers see Kawasaki’s move as a smart business decision. More than just a game in increasing competitiveness in the motorcycle industry.

Last … It will be interesting to see Bimota exist from a blend of European-Japanese style. Where Bimota is a brand that is well known in the world is collected and proud. Because of the aesthetic ability of the design and extraordinary technical design.

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