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Like Husqvarna, Gas Gas is Now Within KTM Group’s Circle!

The surprising news came again from European motorcycle manufacturers, guys … Recently it was reported that KTM Group had just formed a joint venture agreement with a Spanish motorcycle brand, Gas Gas. That means Gas Gas will become the third brand in the auspices of KTM Group aside from KTM itself and Husqvarna which has been acquired since 2013. What is the form of cooperation between KTM Group and Gas Gas?

So far it is not quite clear what form of cooperation between KTM and Gas Gas. Did KTM buy Gas Gas or in the form of another cooperation agreement. But certainly these two brands will work together in the development of motorcycles and electric vehicles with a production base at the Gas Gas plant based in Spain. In addition, Gas Gas will also become the third brand in the KTM Group sales network. After reaching KTM reach an agreement with the owner of Gas Gas, Black Toro Capital, Gas Gas is planned to develop a new motorbike model to accompany the enduro and trial motorcycles that have been produced by Gas Gas.

Gas Gas will be added as the third brand alongside KTM and Husqvarna into the already strong KTM Industries Group sales network in various parts of the world,” said KTM.

In my opinion, the collaboration between KTM and Gas Gas will provide fresh air to brands from both Gas Gas and KTM itself. On the one hand Gas Gas can distribute its products into KTM Group’s sales network, which is already very extensive, so that it can develop products through the help of KTM’s enormous resources. On the other hand KTM Group can also penetrate by entering segments that have never been touched by an Austrian brand. Yups, in the dirt bike arena so far, KTM has only played in the enduro, motocross, cross-country, and rally segments. By attracting Gas Gas, KTM Group will automatically join the motor trial segment.

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