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New Motorcycle! BMW S1000XR 2020 with ShiftCam System Very Environmentally Friendly!

Motorcycle manufacturer from Germany, BMW has been planning to change S1000XR for next year (2020). The plan is getting closer to reality after the emergence of a confirmation of emission applications in the United States. BMW S1000XR 2020 with ShiftCam System is very environmentally friendly!

The two-wheeler manufacturer which was founded in 1916 by Franz Josef Popp has been given the green light from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) which has issued emissions certification for the New S1000XR which refers to the production code ‘K69’.¬†Where this code is ensured as a variant of the latest model series from the current legacy production code ‘K49’.

The documents from the CARB mention a massive reduction in emissions;

  • The hydrocarbon level dropped from 0.154 g / km to only 0.057 g / km ..
  • The combination of HC and NOx is divided in half from 0.2 g / km to 0.1 g / km ..
  • Carbon monoxide is reduced by 90%, down from 1g / km to 0.1g / km.

How can that be achieved? .. The ShiftCam system in the latest S1000RR is largely responsible for improving the quality of emissions. , Even though the XR series actually has lower emissions. One change listed in the CARB document is the addition of two ‘oxygen sensors’ in the exhaust, along with two normal O2 sensors, indicating there is more information coming into the ECU to help provide better emission control.

Reporting from bennetts.co.uk , the weight of a motorcycle registered in the CARB ‘inertia mass estimation’ form includes a rough estimate for the rider’s weight and baggage. This weight does not change compared to the previous S1000XR, but the ShiftCam engine is very different from the old version of the motorcycle design so a new frame will be needed to hold this latest engine.

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