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Ninja ZX-25R: 250cc 4 Cylinders Embed Superbike Technology!

Motorcycle manufacturer that is synonymous with green, Kawasaki introduces the Ninja ZX-25R , Ninja 250 cc 4 Cylinders. a completely new 250cc supersport model (All New). Powered by the latest In-Line Four engine, which is currently the only one produced in its class. Ninja ZX-25R: 250cc 4 Cylinders Embed Superbike Technology!

Ninja 250cc 4-cylinder engine specs are: DOHC, 16-valve, 249 cc, radiator (liquid cooler), In-Line 4-cylinder. Where Kawasaki claims the torque in the middle-low engine rotation strong and abundant power at high rpm.

Adjustments made to the intake and exhaust carefully, from the high speed engine ensures that each round of throttle gives the rider a sport motor sensation. With typical Kawasaki In-Line Four exhaust characteristics.

The 4-cylinder Ninja project is based on feedback from the WSBK race, World Superbike. Where Kawasaki won the championship by bringing the WSBK chassis design to the 250cc class.

The latest trellis frame, designed using a sophisticated dynamic stiffness analysis from Kawasaki, is equipped with a high-level SFF-BP front suspension. For the 250cc class this is the first, with a radial mount caliper monobloc and Horizontal Back-link rear suspension. Providing exceptional supersport style, the performance of the motor when cornering is also not unquestionable.

Modern features

The driver support features are also sophisticated with: KTRC (Kawasaki TRaction Control), Power Mode selection. And also already equipped with KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter) .. Ninja 250cc is worthy of the name Ninja ZX.

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