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Suzuki Indonesia Insists on Releasing the DR150 in the Next 2020

PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) is almost certain to issue a petulang motorbike named DR150. Actually the rumors of Suzuki will release the DR150 a long time ago. But it seems that Suzuki Indonesia is still not quite ready to release it this year. So it is likely that the DR150 will launch on the market around early 2020. Of course the DR150 does not fight directly with the Kawasaki KLX150 and Honda CRF150L, ​​but instead plays in a completely new segment of the 150 cc touring adventure motorbike.

The DR150 unit test itself has been around for a long time in Indonesia. This motorbike is not a motorbike built by Suzuki itself, but a rebranding of a product from China, Haojue NK150. The concept of this motorbike is really different compared to the KLX150 and CRF150L. DR150 is more towards street bikes with aura of adventure. The impression of adventure on this bike looks at the use of tires with 17-19 inch rings. The rest is more leaning towards the street bike. In my opinion, DR150 tends to be an adventure motor with asphalt orientation (street oriented), different from the KLX150 and CRF150L which are more stylish dirt bikes.

“Surprise at the end of the year is common, (we make) a surprise at the beginning of the year alone. 
Many other friends (competitors) have already launched so later in the year. 
DR150 exists, maybe not this year. 
Early next year, “said SIS’s 2W Head of Sales & Marketing Department, Mr. Yohan Yahya.

Among trail bike fans, actually quite a lot of rejection of Suzuki’s move to launch the DR150 in the style of street bike adventure. Many want Suzuki to release a real trail bike like the KLX150 / CRF150L but with a more ferocious engine at an affordable price. But maybe to go there that way requires a longer and meticulous journey, so Suzuki Indonesia prefers to rebrand Haojue NK150. Practical!

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