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This is CRF250RALLY Custom by Deus, which is launched by Quartararo

After undergoing the 2019 Thailand MotoGP race some time ago, the Yamaha SRT Petronas team rider who was on the rise, Fabio Quartararo, spent leisure time breaks between MotoGP Thailand and MotoGP Motegi (Japan) with a vacation to Indonesia. Arguably Fabio became a MotoGP racer that was quite phenomenal this season because it was a rookie and shelter in the satellite team but often got pole position, often a podium, and often troublesome alien racers. The tourist destination that became Fabio’s destination in Indonesia, of course, was Bali. But we will not discuss where Fabio spent his vacation time. What is interesting in my opinion is that Fabio took the Honda CRF250RALLY while in Bali! How come?

Via Instagram account @ fabioquartararo20, Fabio posted a photo of his activities in Bali by riding on the beach using a custom motorbike developed by Deus Ex Machina, Canggu, Bali. It’s no secret that Deus is a motorbike modification and custom workshop which is already very well known in the world. There are a lot of Deus branches, ranging from Australia, Indonesia, Europe, to America. Even all Deus custom motorcycles have very high values. Don’t be surprised if your friends want to modify motorcycles in Deus to spend tens or even hundreds of millions of funds even though the engine base used comes from simple motors such as the Honda C70, Honda Verza, or Yamaha Scorpio.

Indeed there is no description of what the motor used by Fabio. What is clear is that the motor bike is the work of Deus Ex Machina – Bali with vintage enduro style. But if you want to be investigated further, it turns out that the motorbike ridden by Fabio is CRF250RALLY, not a Yamaha motorbike! The CRF250RALLY’s identity on the motorbike has almost disappeared because the body has all been replaced with retro models ranging from tanks, fenders, seats, and lights. But of course the CRF250RALLY identity is not totally lost. It looks like the motor is still using a twin spar frame which is very identical to the CRF250RALLY. Then the front suspension of upside down gold is also still owned by CRF250RALLY standard. The shape of the crankcase, block, head, radiator, swing arm, Pro-Link linkage typical of Honda, so that the front disc does not deviate from the CRF250RALLY.

So why did Fabio launch a Honda motorbike? How come it’s not Yamaha? IMHO this is not about Honda or Yamaha yes guys … It’s about Deus! Maybe Deus endorsed Fabio when he came to Bali. Look, Fabio is not only a Deus motorcycle, but also wearing a Deus shirt. So we don’t see whether this is based on using a Honda or Yamaha motorcycle. Once Deus works on a motorbike, the original identity of the motorbike will disappear and become a new motorbike that is no less prestigious named Deus!

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