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This is the Motor Enduro Sherco 50 SE-R Version 2020

The French motorcycle brand, Sherco, apparently doesn’t only care about the trail bike segment for adults. It turned out that Sherco also released a dirt bike for beginners with a very small engine capacity, only 50 cc !! Even though the engine size is very small, the fact is that this dirt bike has a normal size. Not much different from the size of the trail bike for adults. The specifications provided were not kidding. Come check this out !!

The name of a small-engined trail motor issued by a French brand is the Sherco 50 SE-R model year 2020. This motorbike carries a 49.7 cc 2-stroke engine combined with a carburetor combustion system made by Dell’Orto and a gearbox with a 6-speed manual transmission . But unfortunately this motorbike is still not equipped with an electric starter system, so to start it still relies on the kick starter. Then the chassis is made of very light chromoly material, aluminum exhaust, 7 liter fuel tank capacity, 37 mm telescopic front suspension, and mono shock rear suspension without linkage.

It’s fun Sherco 50 SE-R uses 18-21 inch full size tires which makes it not only look tall, but really really tall. Do not believe? The height of this motorbike seat is 910 mm, much higher than the KLX150 BF or CRF150L, ​​while the ground clearance is 300 mm. With these conditions, the Sherco 50 SE-R model year 2020 should be quite free to use on off-road terrain without worrying about getting stuck. Its dimensions are quite fitting for young Caucasians.

Well, in addition to issuing the standard Sherco SE-R model year 2020, Sherco also released a racing version with the name Sherco 50 SE-RS. A striking difference between the two is the R version uses a 41 mm upside down front suspension and equipped with tapered handlebar. The rest is exactly the same both in terms of specifications and features. Outside of Sherco 50 SE-R and Sherco 50 SE-RS, Sherco released the supermoto version with 17-17 inch ring tires. Again the specifications are the same. Only the tires are different. Are these motorcycles going to enter Indonesia? I don’t think so. Why? Because even though the engine is small, it is estimated that if you enter Indonesia the price will not be cheap.

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