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Yamaha Showcases YZ450FX and Tenere 700 at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show (TMS), which is one of the most prestigious automotive exhibitions in Japan will be held on October 24 to November 4, 2019. Motorcycle manufacturers, especially those from Japan, will almost certainly be all out in exhibiting new products and technologies the latest they have created. They will compete technology as well as prestige competition at TMS 2019. But what about the trail bike? Will anyone appear at TMS 2019?

According to information circulating, Yamaha is one of the motorcycle manufacturers from Japan who will display their trail motorbike at TMS 2019. One of Yamaha’s superior products at the exhibition will be a cross-country motorbike named YZ450FX . Actually this is not a motor that is really new or very revolutionary. Why? Because the latest generation YZ450FX model year 2020 has been officially introduced by Yamaha since the middle of 2019 ago. Moreover, there is no significant difference between the YZ450FX model year 2020 and the previous generation YZ450FX (2019).

The latest YZ450FX is still built from the engine base, frame and suspension of the YZ450F motocross motorbike, which is then re-tuned so that the character is suitable for use on off-road to cross-country tracks. This gearbox uses a 5-speed transmission with wide ratio character, fuel tank with a large enough capacity to reach 8.2 liters, there are side standards, electric starter becomes a standard feature, uses 18 inch rear wheels, and Kayaba’s suspension has also been re-tuning to cross-country needs. Other features available on this motorbike are the launch control, there is an engine mapping button on the handlebar, and can setup the engine from a gadget that has the Yamaha Power Tuner application installed. Of course between the motor and this gadget can be connected via wireless huh! The most significant difference between the latest YZ450FX and the previous generation lies only in the graphics sector. The rest are the same. But we should appreciate Yamaha which will bring YZ450FX model year 2020 to TMS 2019.

The next cool motorbike that Yamaha will bring to 2019 TMS is the Tenere 700. Again this is not a new motorbike. But at least until now the Tenere 700 has become Yamaha’s hero on the battlefield of a medium-capacity motor adventure. With a very cool design style like a rally racing motor plus a 689 cc two-cylinder Crossplane 2 (CP2) engine powered by 72 HP and a torque of 68 Nm, the possibility of the Tenere 700 will still keep the public’s attention at TMS 2019. Moreover, the adventurous motorbike that can be used on- road and off-road at the same time is sold at a price that is quite affordable out there. In Europe, for example, the Tenere 700 is sold at just Rp. 150 million!

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