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Crutchlow Agrees with Lorenzo, But He Still Loyal to Honda!

Cal Crutchlow is indeed not one of the best performers in MotoGP 2019. With a ‘super’ motorbike he only scooped up two podiums in 15 races. But that undermined full loyalty for the Honda brand and its LCR team. Apart from the rumors of the British driver’s separation from the Honda team. Crutchlow agreed with Lorenzo, but he remained loyal to Honda!

Crutchlow Agrees with Lorenzo, But He Still Loyal to Honda!

Honda for the 2019 racing season indeed concocted RC213V too physically demanding and aggressive, made with the benchmark Marc Marquez, not ‘deliberately’ made for him. But with maximum aggression only Marquez is able to move it. But the Japanese manufacturing team ensured that the new carbon-coated chassis would make control easier in the future.

Cal Crutchlow called for the Honda RCV braking sector to be made more stable to further improve racing style and reduce the rear rise of the motorbike. When the rear wheels go up, the motor becomes more difficult when entering corners and the engine brakes don’t play their role properly.

But Cal Crutchlow is also determined to continue the rest of his contract at the end of next year. “I want to continue to show that I have the speed and I can win,” he told Autosport.com.

The LCR team driver admitted that he had talked about the new agreement with Honda. Everything must be decided in the first race of 2020, certainly not considering the hypothesis of changes in livery. “If I continue I want to do it with Honda.”

A similar sensation is experienced by Jorge Lorenzo. Although RC213V is currently difficult to tame. “The motorbike is very difficult and physically demanding to be driven so we have difficulty. Jorge Lorenzo said it bluntly and I agreed with him. We need to rediscover the power of the 2018 prototype, the ability to brake even stronger without losing the ability to bend. In Valencia and Jerez, when he tests the 2020 version, he will have a clearer idea. “I think the full package will be around the end of the year, so we will understand a little more.” Assuming that in February the schedule did not change like a year ago.

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