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Separated from shaking MotoGP Rossi, Dorna Looking for ‘Right Racer’

The era of Valentino Rossi in MotoGP isn’t over, Dorna is now looking for the right racer to replace. Valentino Rossi did not win but continues to be the most loved in MotoGP. The fact is that statistically Marc Marquez is still far from the number of fans. Separated from shaking MotoGP Rossi, Dorna seeks the figure of the ‘Right Driver’

Ten seasons without a world title have weighed on Valentino Rossi’s reputation in the paddock. But it will not diminish the charisma and people in the legendary fan circle of the nine-time world champion. When the time comes where finally the parting words come out. This makes the MotoGP marketing vibrate and tremble.

Separated from shaking MotoGP Rossi, Dorna Looking for ‘Right Racer’

Valentino Rossi can’t live far from MotoGP, this World Championship doesn’t seem ready to turn the page without him. Dorna leverages new technology, on social media, on the web to increase the interest of racing fans. But likened to land, will not have fertile soil if the 2021 season without Valentino.

“There are things that need special attention on social media and TV. 
It is important to have the right character, the right racer. 
Valentino Rossi has helped us a lot, he is now 40 years old, he wants to improve his performance, this is good. Loris Capirossi, Dorna’s representative in Race Direction

Valentino’s retirement seems to be far ahead. The choice of David Munoz as the head of the new engineering crew to replace Silvano Galbusera implies that Rossi still has a strong will. In Japan, Iwata technicians will try to stop the problem of rear tires that wear out quickly. “After a few laps I always experienced problems with the rear wheel grip, the rear tire dropped quickly, lost performance, so I was slower,” explained Valentino Rossi after racing in Thailand.

When Rossi gets enough grip, the podium is not hard to see. As he experienced in Austria, England, in San Marino. At Yamaha, Rossi works with the YZR-M1’s top speed focus to be on a par with Honda and Ducati for the 2020 season.

Valentino in MotoGP until 2022

Nothing could prevent Rossi from thinking of a further contract extension with Yamaha. In addition, the change in the formation of racers at Yamaha will be a new thing. Maverick Vinales will leave the place for Fabio Quartararo. People around Rossi convinced the media that The Doctor’s farewell day was still far away. Aldo Drudi, Alberto Tebaldi, Alessio Salucci are optimistic that they will still see Valentino in MotoGP until 2022.

With plenty of time, Dorna can be happy and will have more time to plan the post-Valentino Rossi era. However, the number of fans on social networks represents real conditions. On Instagram, Rossi has 7.6 million followers while 4.5 million for Marc Marquez. On Facebook there are 13.2 million fans, and there are 4 million Marc Marquez. At this time in terms of charisma and popularity even the current MotoGP ruler, Marc Marquez is still unable to match the popularity of the Yamaha racer, it might take time …

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