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Modified Style In Japanese Car Culture

Talking about car modification, often we will also talk about modification style or modification flow. There are various styles of modification and can even be a combination of several modification styles. Although lately the trend is more towards proper modifications which are defined as ‘correct’ or ‘appropriate’ modifications. Proper modification pays attention …

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3 Ways to Prevent a Water Hammer on a Car

Water hammer is a condition in which the car includes a large amount of water so that it enters the engine combustion chamber. The water that enters the large amount of water into the combustion chamber cannot be compressed like fuel oil. If the car has taken in water, the car’s combustion system …

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How to Care for the Correct Car Door Rubber

The car door is one of the most important components in a car , its presence is used most often every time you drive a car. The car door area itself has a long rubber list that surrounds the door, this functions as a silencer when opening and closing the door. Many also make modifications or …

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