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This Honda N600 is a 800cc VFR V4 Motorcycle Engine!

HONDA entered the automotive market in the United States by selling a motorcycle and a decade later offered the first car. In 1970, the Honda N600 entered the US market for a starting price of US $ 1,300 (RM5,420). The N600 was just a 3,098mm long car, the size of the car at the …

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KTM does not renew Cody Webb contract for the 2020 season

The very surprising news came from the orange racing team from the United States, FMF KTM Factory Racing. Yeah, this team doesn’t extend the contract of one of its flagship racers who has given many championships, namely Cody Webb. Automatically King Cody will no longer wear orange starting from 2020. What is …

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7 Beautiful Women in the World of Car Racing

The car world has so far been dominated by men, because indeed the car fans so far mostly come from among men. Women who really like and follow the intricacies of the car world can be said to be a rare species. This resulted in women often underestimated the car business. We …

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