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Yamaha Showcases YZ450FX and Tenere 700 at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show (TMS), which is one of the most prestigious automotive exhibitions in Japan will be held on October 24 to November 4, 2019. Motorcycle manufacturers, especially those from Japan, will almost certainly be all out in exhibiting new products and technologies the latest they have created. They will compete …

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Cars That Often Seen in Unmodified Modifications

As car enthusiasts, of course we often observe cars on the streets. Often we find cars that “seem” abysmally. Whether it’s because of treatments that appear to be neglected or modified appearance style “racing” (sport) that ‘forced’. In this review we will discuss several types of cars that are often found in …

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When Toyota and Daihatsu are Busy to Fulfill Rush-Terios Requests

Cars – Toyota and Daihatsu are known to be busy taking care of all Rush-Terios requests. Since releasing the all new model at the end of 2017, slowly the demand for this SUV has increased. Not only domestic, but also from abroad. When Toyota and Daihatsu are busy fulfilling Rush-Terios requests … Reporting …

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