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This is CRF250RALLY Custom by Deus, which is launched by Quartararo

After undergoing the 2019 Thailand MotoGP race some time ago, the Yamaha SRT Petronas team rider who was on the rise, Fabio Quartararo, spent leisure time breaks between MotoGP Thailand and MotoGP Motegi (Japan) with a vacation to Indonesia. Arguably Fabio became a MotoGP racer that was quite phenomenal this season …

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8 Useless Car Modifications

Car modification is indeed one of the fun things. What’s not fun is maybe when the money is spent, hehe. By adding or changing car parts, be it interior, exterior, engine, etc., all of them have the aim to make our car according to what we want / need. Whether it’s engine …

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Driving Technique: Left Foot Braking

The driving technique this time is to brake the left foot. Sounds simple right? But the truth is not. This driving technique is a difficult technique to do because it conflicts with our muscle memory . If we are accustomed to braking with the right foot, and the left foot is accustomed to the …

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