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Porsche Make a Pickup Concept Car, So Cybertruck Rivals?

We have long heard and learned that the German car is a Porsche. Porsche has been wrestling in the world of sports cars for a long time since 1931, and successfully won the hearts of consumers thanks to its design and engine. Porsche itself is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, as …

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Ford GT 2020 Getting Fiercer?

Ford GT is a 2 door sports car produced by Ford Motor Company in 2005-2006. This car took the design of the GT40 race car in the 1960s. The Ford GT began production again in 2017. If those of you who have watched the Ford vs Ferrari film will be familiar with …

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The Cars in the film are iconic and popular

Not just movies or characters, cars in films can be iconic and popular. From the legendary old era, we certainly know KITT, a sophisticated car that can talk and Delorean who can go into the future. Here and there, we are acquainted with Hachiroku, who is good at sticking and yellow Bumblebee. Not …

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