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Fast At Start and Saggy at the End of the Race, This Explains Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi took the lead in the early laps of the Phillip Island GP, but eventually stumbled and was only able to survive in eighth position. The Doctor once again blamed Yamaha’s lack of top speed for its defeat. Even Vinales looks so easily defeated by opponents on a straight track … (see video at the end of the article) … Quick Start and Sagor at the End of the Race, Here’s an Explanation of Valentino Rossi

Good start

Rossi poked in first place after starting from 4th position. But slowly sag. The Italian finally finished in 15 seconds from the winner, but only one second from the third podium (Miller), which seemed to make him happy.

“A good start (in the Australian race), a very good way to celebrate my 400th grand prix, is just ahead. In the end, the results were not fantastic but I was not so far from Miller, who was on the podium-3, “said The Doctor.

“I can drive in a better way, I’m more competitive compared to last weekend. “However, we need more, we must be stronger.” Rossi added.

Rossi lost his grip to try to restore his position, while team-mate Maverick Vinales was stronger. So it must be satisfied with only a few points.

In some sectors Rossi is not strong enough in every lap to restore his position. Rossi also tried to save tires by racing in a smoother way and indeed proved successful by leaving his opponents behind. The Yamaha team found a good motorbike balance in braking. And when entering the bend of the motor is very good with respect to the behavior of the front (front end).

Top Speed ​​Problems

“But we have a little grip on the back, which is a problem in the second half of the season. Which for the time being we cannot solve. We must think about this and we must try to improve. “

Rossi’s Top Speed ​​during the race was 338.6 km / hour. Cal Crutchlow and Pecco Bagnaia reach 344 km / h … The problem is, every lap Rossi loses one position on a straight track. The Yamaha rider belongs to the front group, but if unable to resist the onslaught of the opponent, or take over again during the round. On the next lap the opponent in the back takes over, because the bike is slowest on the straight track ..

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