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B30 Fuel Trial Has Started, When Can It Be Used?

B30 fuel (a mixture of 30% biodiesel on diesel fuel) is planned to run in January 2020. This special diesel engine vehicle fuel is a government policy as an effort to reduce imports of diesel fuel. B30 fuel will replace the B20 that has been applied previously. In order to support government policy, Pertamina began preparing B30 trials in a number of Fuel Oil Terminals (TBBM).

Pertamina Corporate Communication VP, Fajriyah Usman explained, the TBBM will be the pilot project for mixing FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) with Solar.

“This trial will be carried out in stages before finally being implemented as a whole. On November 21, 2019 will be implemented in 2 BBM terminals, Boyolali and Rewulu. Furthermore, at the end of November it will be enforced at Balikpapan TBBM and December 2019 will be continued at Medan TBBM Group, Jakarta Group and Panjang TBBM, RU III Plaju and RU VII Kasim. So that in January 2020, as many as 8 Pertamina points are ready to mix B30, “Fajriyah said in his official statement.

The trial run will run until 31 December 2019. This is carried out in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the Decree of ESDM 227/2019. Pertamina continues to support government policies to implement fuels that are more environmentally friendly. In addition to providing B30, Pertamina is also actively developing other new and renewable energy sources such as geothermal (geothermal), solar panels and even has provided an Electric Fuel Filling Station in Kuningan, Jakarta.

“This shows that we play an active role in the development of alternative energy. Because we look forward to going to a fairly massive energy transition, and we believe Pertamina is ready to face it, “he concluded. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) through the Research and Development Agency (ESDM Research and Development Agency) has finished testing B30 Fuel.

Testing took place since June 2019, tracing a number of roads ranging from Lembang, Subang, Karawang, and so on. Testing using passenger cars and commercial vehicles with diesel engines.

According to the Head of the Energy and Mineral Resources Research and Development Agency, Dadan Kusdiana, so that the implementation of B30 fuel in early January 2020 can be carried out properly, it requires readiness from biodiesel producers. Then the readiness of the manufacturing industry and the community as well as the complete provision of infrastructure.

At the moment the ESDM Research and Development Agency together with the Directorate General of EBTKE, the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) is preparing a final report. Also partnered with the Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS), PT Pertamina, the Indonesian Biofuel Producers Association (Aprobi). Not to forget the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo).

The B30 fuel road test aims to improve quality, handling, transportation, blending and storage facilities.

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