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Engine List for Swap Engine in Nissan Cars

We return to the review of the swap engine modification. This time we will discuss about swap engines in Nissan cars. I will not explain the meaning and purpose of engine swaps, because we have previously discussed engine swap reviews in Toyota cars  . For a discussion on Honda cars, please see here . Nissan is a …

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Engine List for Engine Swap in Honda Cars

This time we will discuss about swap engines on Honda cars. We will no longer discuss the meaning and purpose of the swap engine because we have discussed it before in the discussion of the swap engine for Toyota cars  . Talking about Japanese cars, Honda has become a brand that has no …

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Yamaha and Toyota collaboration on Car Engines

Starting from a casual chat with friends about the collaboration of Yamaha and Toyota in the car world. This time we will discuss about the touch of Yamaha on Toyota car engines. As we know, Yamaha was originally a company making musical instruments. The company was founded in 1887 and they made …

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