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How to Care for the Correct Car Door Rubber

The car door is one of the most important components in a car , its presence is used most often every time you drive a car. The car door area itself has a long rubber list that surrounds the door, this functions as a silencer when opening and closing the door. Many also make modifications or …

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5 Causes of the Car Cannot Start

To use a car , you need to start it with a car starter. Often it is found that car owners are indifferent to the health condition of the engine components so that the engine breaks down and the car cannot be started. The cause of the car not being started on its …

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Let’s Recognize Signs of Engine Problems In Cars

Engine problems in the car are vital things that can interfere with driving comfort. Unlike the case with other problems such as the AC. Yes, you can still open the window, hot a little longer consider a sauna hehe. Or there are problems with the legs of the car. Yes, the important thing is …

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Modified German Car Tuner Company

Speaking of German cars, of course we are very familiar with them through the trio of reliable BMW, Benz and Audi. The topic of German cars is very interesting, especially when we compare it with its heavy competitors, Japanese cars. It feels like discussing German cars vs. Japanese cars is endless. Both are very …

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Let’s Wash Your Eyes at the Clean Culture Event!

As a car enthusiast, watching car-themed videos is an activity that becomes an “entertainer” between our daily lives. In addition, many also get knowledge, ideas, and motivation after watching a car video. The initial idea of ​​this segment is a video with the concept of ” Video of the Week ” aka weekly …

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