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Engine List for Engine Swap in Toyota Cars

This time we will discuss about swap engines on Toyota cars. For Honda car brands can be seen here . While other brands will follow we review (queuing hehe). This review will contain the understanding of swap engines in general and also the machines that are commonly used along with the engine specifications. In addition, …

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The Cars in the film are iconic and popular

Not just movies or characters, cars in films can be iconic and popular. From the legendary old era, we certainly know KITT, a sophisticated car that can talk and Delorean who can go into the future. Here and there, we are acquainted with Hachiroku, who is good at sticking and yellow Bumblebee. Not …

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5 Old Datsun Cars in Indonesia

Old Datsun is one type of car that is tempting to have. Owning an old car is often synonymous with a negative image. But make no mistake, owning and caring for an old car has its own advantages and satisfaction. In addition to low purchase and maintenance prices, there are a limited …

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