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What do you dislike when driving?

Driving a favorite car for enthusiasts is a fun activity. Especially when the car was washed sleek. Bye handsome pokonya. Before you go crazy, look at it first. Stared while nodding his own smiles. Already like that, the cellphone keeps taking photos for a moment. Get in the car, check the keys and see the full …

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The Best Driving Position For Safety & Speed

In the driving technique segment this time we will discuss driving positions. Although it sounds simple, driving position is important and vital for driving safety and comfort. Just like other basic things , driving position is indeed basic but it will have a big effect on driving performance. So if the basis is not correct, it will be …

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10 Tips on Precise Driving Comfortable and More Enjoyable

Not everyone can drive comfortably and comfortably. This is mainly due to road conditions that are often congested with vehicles. Yes, traffic jams are often the main cause of people being lazy to use cars. Moreover, not everyone likes driving. I can understand people who say driving is boring, boring, annoying. Not infrequently, …

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