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the Rocky Auto Modification House from Japan

Still from racing in Japan. More specifically about home modifications that are very popular with their expertise to mix fast cars. No wonder if we depart from the Sakura State which incidentally is indeed one of the mecca of the world’s automotive development. Especially regarding racing or fast car production, it seems …

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This Is Aspark Owl, Candidate of the World’s Fastest Car!

Competition in the hypercar realm is dominated by European producers such as Mclaren, Bugatti, and Koeniggsegg, feeling they don’t want to lose to Japanese producers sending representatives called Aspark Owl. Aspark Owl was first introduced to the public at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, when it was rumored that this car …

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Legendary Best Japanese Classic Cars

Speaking of Japanese cars, it is not uncommon for us to also talk about classic Japanese cars. “Respect your elders” We often hear the above sentence and several times we will also find it in the form of stickers attached to classic cars. Like humans, in the world of cars …

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Itasha: Modification of Anime Themed Cars

Itasha is a Japanese slang term for a car that is decorated with anime / manga character-themed stickers. Ever seen a car with Japanese cartoon character stickers? That’s the itasha car. Indeed, cars with visual modifications like this are rarely found everyday. Stickers are indeed the most inexpensive and practical form of modification. Its …

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One more place in Japan for Petrolhead

If you have previously visited the tourist attractions in Japan for Petrolhead here Then next I will continue to post part 2. Akihabara / UDX Building PA In Akihabara, aside from being a basecamp for otaku anime fans, it is also a favorite place for the itasha car meet . The Itasha car is …

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