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Ninja ZX-25R: 250cc 4 Cylinders Embed Superbike Technology!

Motorcycle manufacturer that is synonymous with green, Kawasaki introduces the Ninja ZX-25R , Ninja 250 cc 4 Cylinders. a completely new 250cc supersport model (All New). Powered by the latest In-Line Four engine, which is currently the only one produced in its class. Ninja ZX-25R: 250cc 4 Cylinders Embed Superbike Technology! Ninja 250cc 4-cylinder engine …

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What is a Supercharger and How Does it Work

Supercharger is a familiar term in the ears of car enthusiasts. Although this forced induction method is not as popular as compared to its sibling, the turbocharger. In the previous review, we have repeated the complete turbocharger. It feels incomplete if we also don’t discuss about the supercharger. In this review, we …

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