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4 Japanese Tourist Attractions for Petrolhead!

Japan Tourism is one of the most popular traveling bucket lists. Not only for travelers who love traveling, Japan has long been known as a world tourist destination. This rising country is one of the most popular countries in the world. Its technological advancements, natural beauty, cultural richness, social uniqueness, fashion, anime, culinary, and many others make Japan an interesting country to visit.

People generally, when going to Japan they will visit tourist places that are ‘standard’ visited by tourists. Mount Fuji, Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, Temples, Palaces, Aquariums, Museums, Shopping Centers such as Harajuku or Shibuya and others.

Then what about the petrolhead or car enthusiast?

Surely this is different.

In petrolhead’s point of view, Japan is not just a tourist or recreational destination. Especially for the JDM lover. Japanese tourism is the realization of dreams and imaginations that are often imagined. Whether it’s from a movie like Tokyo Drift, Wangan Midnight or Initial D or various coverage on car culture in Japan.

For petrolheads, Japan is a paradise for hunting places related to cars. Whether it’s historical places or places that are popular with the Japanese car scene.

In this review, we will discuss Japanese tourist attractions for petrolheads. Workshops, museums, circuits, car shops, car meet places, legendary car spots, and more. Considering there are so many places, not all of them will be discussed at length. This review is not a guide either. Because indeed I have not had the experience of visiting him hehe. Maybe if for example there is sustenance, then I make the guide.

We try to make the list as complete as possible! Get ready for this long review hehe. If there are additional or corrections, don’t hesitate to comment.

Let’s just start. Prepare the coffee.


As the capital of Japan and also one of the most popular cities in the world, Tokyo is certainly one of Japan’s main tourist destinations. Do you want to go to Japan? Most likely destination to Tokyo. No need to worry about our list of Japanese petrolhead destinations in this metropolis!

Tatsumi PA

One of the favorite Japanese car meet places in Japan. The distance from Haneda International Airport is about 16 km or 20 minutes via the toll road. Its position is right on the edge of the toll road. Similar to paddock in Formula 1 or car racing. This is one of the features of Tatsumi PA. If we pass it, it will be clearly seen the cars that are parked lined up. Surely a stunning sight when we are on the highway then we see there are cool cars that are parked.

In addition, the position of Tatsumi PA is very close to the famous Wangan Loop C1. A place where  speed fans  drive their cars around the Tokyo motorway in a circle. This loop allows us to race around a circular path that turns 14 times 1 time. Yes round and round to your heart’s content. If we do not have a toll loop like this. You have to exit the toll first, pay, then enter the toll road again hehe.

Well, because of that position, Tatsumi PA is also often used as a place for enthusiasts to gather before or after a wangan loop. Yes maybe heating coffee for a while and checking the condition of the car before stepping on the gas. This car meet place is also often used as a place to rest the car after trying Wangan Loop. That is why in Tatsumi PA, the cars are generally more directed at driving and speed.

The scenery around Tatsumi PA is in the area of ​​tall buildings. If at night, the lights of the buildings will provide an impressive Japanese night atmosphere. Not to mention the presence of cool cars parked!

TYPEONE (Spoon Sport)

Spoon is certainly familiar, especially for Honda enthusiasts. Some sometimes we see this Spoon in the form of stickers that adorn the Honda Jazz or Civic hehe.

In 2001, Spoon set up a tuning shop or workshop called Type-One . This workshop is the vision of its founder Ichishima Tatsuru, how a modification was made .

Type-One provides professional Honda car modification services with precise and mature engineering calculations. So it’s not just patching performance parts. But everything is calculated and modified very carefully to achieve optimal racing specs.

Want to visit and have a look? Just come to the workshop in Tokyo.


Odaiba is one of the shopping and entertainment venues. In this area we can find various recreational areas, museums, places to eat, and also shopping malls. Its location is very supportive because it is located on the seafront aka the beach.

But make no mistake, in this fun-filled tourist spot there is one of Japan’s popular car meet places!

The parking lot at Odaiba DECKS is a place where enthusiasts gather and do event gatherings. Its location is somewhat hidden because it is located in the basement. You must have watched  Fast Furious Tokyo Drift,  right? Well, there is a very popular scene where car meet and drift fights   occur in the basement of the building. Well, for those of you who dream to experience the Tokyo Drift style car meet, we can feel it at Odaiba DECKS.

Mega Web Toyota City Showcase

Still in Odaiba, Tokyo, here we can also visit the Toyota City Mega Web Showcase. If you are a normal tourist when traveling in Japan and want to go to the playground, you will definitely run to Universal Studio or Disney Land right? Well, for you car freaks, there is also a special theme park with a car theme.

Mega Web Toyota City is a theme park that contains everything about Toyota. Ranging from showrooms, museums, playgrounds, racing showrooms (Gazoo Racing), technology rides, car consultation places, to car test drives are all in this Toyota City. Anyway complete!

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