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One more place in Japan for Petrolhead

If you have previously visited the tourist attractions in Japan for Petrolhead here Then next I will continue to post part 2.

Akihabara / UDX Building PA

In Akihabara, aside from being a basecamp for otaku anime fans, it is also a favorite place for the itasha car meet . The Itasha car is a modified car with an anime theme. Can only just a sticker or can also reach the interior.

His favorite place is on the street that has the Bellesalle Akihabara hotel building. This is where every night the itasha cars car meet to show off their proud works!

In addition, in this Akihabara there is another place that becomes the base of the itasha enthusiast car. The place is in the parking lot of the UDX building. Compared to spots on the road earlier, the number of itasha cars is even more here. Indeed on the 3rd floor of the UDX building there is the Tokyo Anime Center which is the best shop for anime & manga in Akihabara.

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